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Find Your Net is always improving the ways of making your online visibility less of a hassle. This is why we have a state of art administrator that handles your appointments, and controls your website information. If you're looking to host your website, you came to the right place. If you're in need of an online scheduling tool, you're still on the right path. Want to increase your company's online experience - let's put it this way - Bingo! - Your one stop shop for house cleaning services. Search for maid services and other house cleaning services online by ZIP code. Register online and schedule your appointment, all in one place.

Free Website Templates Free website templates – already many to choose from and more coming soon. Find Your Net clients get access to premade website templates. Simply pick the one you like the most and it is automatically applied along with all your company's information. No messing around, no wait time - it's automatic. Simply pick it and it is done. This is a great tool for people who don't already have a website or are looking for something else - something fresh. Keep in mind that these templates are optimized with contact, appointment forms and more. All these elements can be requested to be added to your existing page separately as well.
Web Domain Hosting Web domain hosting – if you have your own - that's grand, if not, we can obtain one for you. When you register with Find Your Net we will provide you with a template that is pre-loaded with your information. By default, you will be given a subdomain under or one of our other child domains such as or If you already have a domain name, we can link it up to your new website, if not, we can get you one for free after three months of service. That's right, simply register with us and after three months when you know that you want to stay for good, we will get you your domain free of charge to you.
Online Appointment Scheduling Online appointment scheduling – allows your clients to request an appointment right on your website. Don't work on your website, have your website work for you. When your clients come into your website and send you a message - they become clients, when they request an appointment - they become clients and adjust your online scheduler. There's no need for you to use multitude of tools for each task. We will get you everything you need and more. And right now all calendars can be synced with your Google calendar. If you are already using that on your mobile device and prefer its functionality you can simply set up your account to send and fetch all the appointment information. Also if you are a manager, who manages multiple teams, you will be able to see everybody else's appointments to see what's going on and who is keeping busiest.
Client Management Client management – populate your database information with your own clients to manage your appointments with ease. Besides the fact that your client database will be automatically populated via the website, you can also manage all your clients with your administrator. Add new clients with ease. Preview existing clients, schedule appointment for a client, send your client an email or print a letter from pre-existing templates. Possibilities are endless. Keep in mind that keeping everything in one place allows you better management. Imagine keeping your clients information written out in a book and in an unorganized fashion. It takes minutes to find anything you may be looking for. With our administrator, you search for you client, click on an appointment icon and add time and date. Simple as that.
Email Tools and Templates Email tools and templates – want a creative way to contact your clients? Create a beautiful HTML emails from pre-existing templates and send it to one or all of your clients with a click of a button. Your administrator is a small, yet quite powerful tool. Send mass emails or newsletters to all of your clients, or send each client a personalized message. Some common templates area already pre-populated for you so that you can edit them or use them as-is. Once again, you could save a copy of your email in the word document somewhere and then find your client's email somewhere in the Gmail. What's his name again? Not sure? Nevermind - "dear sir or ma'am"-it, and paste from the word. Sounds like a headache to me. With our tool, you can send emails with a few simple strokes and clicks.
Information Hosting Information hosting – not only will we display your information on your website, your company will also be listed within our search engines. If you are a free user of Find Your Net, you will only get a basic information listing within our search engines. As a paying member, you get all of the perks, and your listing on our website will gain priority over the free listings. This way if a client comes to us to search for a company, all paying members will be shown first. Not only do you get listed at a child domain, but also your profile will be available via our main website. Being listed in many places with well built S.E.O. targetting the right markets will help your business grow online.
Yelp Information Feed Yelp information feed – are you already listed on Yelp? We will import your data right into your own website. This could save you some work, but if you want to show different information, that's even better. We give you an option to show or hide additional information imported from yelp. Some people don't realize how important it is to show as much information as possible - we make this point clear. The more you tell your clients about you - the better. And of course Yelp is not the end of it. We are always looking for ways to improve our services. We will provide you with tools to fetch information from many resources on the web. Why retype all this information? Use our tools and the retyping will be replaced with selecting the text that you want to appear on your website.
Social Network Management Social network management – do you have Facebook page or Twitter account? We will add a "like" button to your website and stream your tweets and statuses! And that's not all. Show your YouTube videos, your Blogger blogs, and collect people to link with on LinkedIn. We are always looking for ways to improve our system and user's experience. Social media plays a great role in business advertisement. Though, not as great of a role as we do. One of our advisers' job is to research Social Media and stay on top of everything that's happening. We always keep abreast of all the new technologies and we add their functionalities where it is most welcome - under your fingertips. Stop researching how to do this, or do that. Tell us what you need or select the existing options and it will be done for you.
Email Support Email Support – 48 hour guaranteed response to all of our clients. We will get back to each and every one of your email requests within 48 hours of its receipt. May your question be simple or complex, we will defnitely get back in touch with you and answer any questions that you have. We understand that it is not easy finding a good support online. We know how frustrating it may be to ask a question and get a unrelated answer. Our team carefully evaluates each question and uses screenshots and videos to help you find your answers. Coming soon, we will open up our sales and support phone lines for all of you as well. Keep in mind that if it can be put into words, it can be done so in an email. Don't wait on hold, send us your request at
Ad Free Hosting Ad Free Hosting – other hosting services take advantage of your web space and put banners with advertising in the most prominent places right on your website. Some even go as far as advertising your competition right on your web space. We guarantee that this would never happen on Find Your Net. Our templates are clean and they do change every now and then, but only in order to improve overall quality. So don't worry - the online space belongs to you and you only and it will never show any ads. Similarly with your profile pages, both on the parent company,, and on the child website to which you belong, whether it's or, there will be absolutely no ads or advertisements on these pages. Free profiles may include featured client section in the side strip of the website.
Company Advisers Company Advisers – will help you setup up and successfully run your company. When you register for an account with, you will be assigned a personal company adviser. He or she will help you set up the website and give you suggestions that will best fit your company news. Once you are all set up with the website, your advisor will likely direct you with setting up social media sites and continue on with buildint your S.E.O. friendly pages. It is very much like having your own personal support line. Communication lines never get crossed! Want more? No problem. We will provide you with an easy to follow to do list, so that we can keep you motivated and give you things to do, things that will improve your business. After you see the results, you'll be asking for even more ideas. We will do whatever we can to let you take control of your business online!
Unlimited Tools Unlimited Tools Usage – You may be familiar with our free tools section already, if not, please check it out - you will not regret it. We have many different tools for many occasions and needs that are free to use by anyone. Unfortunately, we cannot just give it away to anyone for nothing just like that, so we set it up so that each person can any tool only once a day. This means that if they want to use another tool the same day, they cannot. They have to come back the next day. These limitations can vary from one tool to another. We don't really want to limit it at all, but some users out there take advantage of our tools and use them over and over for many companies, collecting data and selling it. To avoid that we have implemented some checks along the way. None of our clients have to worry about that. You can keep using these tools as often as you would like without any limitations.
Try Free of Charge for 7 day.
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Jean Pierre
Jean Pierre

Hello Tomasz. Thank you so much for the opportunity you have given us to work with you. We love the new website and we'll definitely stick around to see what other wonderful things will come out of this. Keep up the great job.

Frequent Questions

Can you build a template for me?

There isn't a simple answer for this, but lets start with the following statement: any template that is built for Find Your Net website can be used by all Find Your Net users as they wish.  So, if you are looking for a unique template, and wish to keep the design to yourself, we cannot help you.  You may want to send such request to our parent website at  However, if you have a design of your own, and you don't mind sharing it, you can send it to us and we can review its compatibility.  If the template is compatible with our framework and is approved by company owner, we can build this template free of charge and link you to it.  Note that this would mean that anybody else who is hosted by Find Your Net will be able to chose this template for their website as well.

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